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    Who's The best Cpanel Reseller

    Hello friends,

    Just was wondered who's the best Cpanel reseller around this industry.

    And Just would like to ask you guys which one do you perfer?
    - Internal ( at their server )
    - External ( at your server )

    Your responses to my thread is highly appreciated.
    Amir Golestan
    Executive Director | Micfo
    delivering the divine hosting experience™ | AS53889

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    My vote goes to and Burst.

    Site5: Matt, Vince and Todd are good guys and know cpanel inside and out.

    Burst: Main cpanel programmer - Nick - working at BurstNet.

    Both of them: Depending on my experienced, once you need help they did not simply judge it as an abnormal support and charge you additional $$$..

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    532 all the way. The whole team there knows cpanel inside out Extremely helpfull bunch of great people.

    Have always and will always get my vote.

    Craig Robinson - UKDedicated LTD
    Cloud Servers Dedicated Servers and Colocation at Centro, Hemel Hempstead.
    All supported by our own onsite team.

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