Within our homepage, www.chewnet.com, you should be able to access our 3 main services. But due to the redevelopment of the lot, only the design one is accessible.

We are at the latest stages of development now, and are just putting together the finishing touches to the programming section. Layout can be seen here (www.chewnetprogramming.com) - and before anyone chooses to comment on the layout, yes, they have been purposely designed to look alike!

Anyway, within the licensed section, I would like to know what you would be interested in to purchase as a licensed script. We have already made: our own Shopping Kart Script, Auction Script, and Live Help Script. The pricing is still being discussed, but you can expect to see them going for around $29.95 and less.

We still want more scripts in the licensed section, but I would like to know what you as the clients would like. What kind of script would you want, how much would you pay for it as a licensed copy, taking into consideration the rest of the world, and how popular this product would be to consider it as a worthy project.

Look forward to what you have to say!
Best Regards,
Leigh Hewitt.