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    p2p port connection time out

    Hi, for some reason I cannot download anything through p2p since I have moved from cable to ADSL pppoe.
    (If you must know, I don't download anything illegal from p2p, such as music or movies, but rather videos[not porn XD])
    With shareaza I can connect to servers and search, but I cannot download anything.
    With Frostwire, I cannot even connect to servers.

    I have tried port-forwarding, but it does nothing. Port-forwarding software and internet sites such as

    tell me that the connection timed-out. Whatever port I enter (even port 80, which is supposedly used for WWW) I get a time-out.
    I can browse websites without a problem though.

    I have disabled the router firewall, though I see no results.

    I uploaded some screens, thanks.
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    Rene K.

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