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    Looking for Code Job Estimate - Refreshes Installs of PHP+MYSQL Software

    I'm interested in something that functions just like this website where it refreshes the scripts every x number of hours to a fresh install. I think it would have to implement some sort of cronjob that would erase and copy MySQL data, but if you have another way I would like to know.

    Please let me know if you can do this and if you could help make it so it implements well with Drupal. Please let me know what this is going to cost as well as that is an important consideration for me. I'm looking for this to be completed in about a week or so.

    Thanks for your time, and ask any questions you may need as I realize this could be a little vague. To rehash, I want a script that allows me to install a CMS/blog/forum script and have the install refreshed every x number of hours. I would prefer that it integrate with Drupal, but it does not have to as I can handle that end myself.

    Please reply here or PM me.

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    We can get this done for you with a 5 day turn-around, with a cost of only 20.

    Drupal implementation would be an additional 20, so you can decide whether you want to do this yourself or not.

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    It isn't too hard to do, heck I'd do it for $25 minus the drupal integration.
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