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    Best Way to Receive Wire Transfers?

    I'm using a newer startup advertising company, and I rather have them send me payment via wire transfer than check... However I really don't want to give them my bank account number.....

    Is it safe to give out your bank account number? I mean they have your social, name, address, and everything else already... So would it really be that much harm to give it out?

    Are there any companies like WU I could use?

    (I dont want to use paypal due to fees).

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    Which system?

    If you are talking about companies like Adwords, Adcentral or Yahoo, then it is safe..

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    What do you mean which system?

    and no, its a new one as in a month or two.

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    If it is a newer company then not many will know if they are safe or not. You can try having them send check's for the first few payments and then decide how you feel about them then.
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    Why not use Western Union?

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    ReConsider PayPal, the fees are not that bad, and unless your talking 'lotsa money', they are pretty rock solid.
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