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    Multiple small VPS needed located worldwide

    Afternoon all!

    I am looking for multiple VPS located around the world.
    So far I have UK and US, but looking for others.

    They do not have to be powerful - 256Mb RAM / 5Gb Disk / 300Gb Bandwidth or higher would be good.

    They will be used for:

    1. Uptime monitoring
    2. I will run ANTINAT on them and lock to my IP address for a private proxy. It will not be a public one!!

    Does anyone have suggestions for decent and reasonably priced VPS providers that would accomodate my needs? If there is one that has servers all over the place all the better!


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    United Kingdom
    What countries are you looking for specifically?

    Do you want to include Asia etc..
    -- Adam

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    Adam, thanks for the reply - yes I would go for Asia as well.

    As for specifics - anywhere that provides a decent VPS service is game for me!

    The monitoring side of things may hopefully build up in the nexy few months - private projects, nothing like the service Hyperspin, for example, provides to the general public.


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