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    Suggestion for cheap dedicated server with 512MB memory?

    Hi guys

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a very cheap dedicated solution, with 512MB of ram. Although 256MB Ram can do, since you can use swap memory on dedicated solutions right?

    CPU speed doesn't matter, so even a 500MHz will do. Disk space also doesn't really matter, 10GB will do.

    Also if anyone knows a cheap VPS host with 512MB ram then its ok too, but since you can't have swap memory in OpenVZ virtualisation 512MB memory is a must.

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    I know people using Hosting and Designs Services and some are happy some are not.. But for the price of a VPS it is hard not to give it try.
    Their lowest price server no cpanel:

    1,500 GB budget bandwidth
    Memory: 512 MB RAM
    Hard Drive: 40 GB IDE
    IP Addresses: 5
    99.9% SLA Guarantee
    (Managed & monitored)
    Full root access
    24 hour setup
    $5 setup | $40 per month

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    Hmm I think that is bit more than I actually need, don't really need the 1.5GHz and 40GB HDD, I'm looking for the price of around $20-30 range, 256MB Ram is ok for dedicated. I think VPS probably will suit me better, however for a VPS I will need 512MB since I can't allocate swap memory.

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    // please delete, it was posted before I noticed 20-30$ comment
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    ...comming soon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolmannz View Post
    I think VPS probably will suit me better, however for a VPS I will need 512MB since I can't allocate swap memory.
    Not true. With Xen-based VPS you can have swap and each VPS runs its own kernel. Many Virtuozzo/OpenVZ based VPS also gives you "burstable" memory so you'll have a bit more to play with.

    Try to search for a Xen VPS with at least 256MB RAM (plus 256-512MB swap), and you should not have any problem finding one under your budget.

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    Visit VPS Hosting Offers Forum you will find something in your budget and needs.
    Vinsar.Net - Quality Web Hosting at Economical Price on USA & European Servers
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    3,696 should be in your budget. They were a pretty good host to me.

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    For a cheap dedicated box, you may want to check out

    I wouldn't expect much from them though at those prices.

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    You can't beat for a vps. They just upped their memory..bigvps is another good one too.

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    If you don't need it urgently, and know how to run the box, you could check out . I assume they will get more of their $25 servers in stock. I've had one since Feb, and had no problems, and would far exceed your needs. It's unmanaged, though their support has been very helpful for what I needed.

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