I am looking for part time work in any technical area. I have 10 months left on my Bachelor's degree in Network and communications management. I currently hold a GPA of 3.72. I am a current Ecommerce salesman and Bestbuy GeekSquad employee. I have also owned my own custom pc and repair shop when I lived in GA. I am versed in cpanel and some what in plesk. I have designed websites and updated them using tools such as dreamweaver and frontpage. I have designed vbulletins as well as skins for them. I know photoshop and paintshop pro. I am looking for a flexible schedule because of my other 2 jobs. I would like a help desk job if possible. I am saving to buy a house in the NJ State area and I need the extra cash. Thank you for any consideration you may give me. If you are interested in my services or would like to know more please feel free to ask. Thank you again for your time.

James McLeroy
[email protected]