Here is my review of

Sorry i had to post this We getting fobbed off.
Usually id try and resolve this by the companies ticket system

i'll say great pre sales. ( via MSN )

Lets move on.


Mon 10th Dec - Billing Account Set-up - bill payed for
Mon 17th Dec - Due For Server Set-Up
Wed 19th Dec - Due For Server Set-Up
Sun 23rd Dec - Server Set-up
Now we run into Operating System Problems As soon As We Have Access

  • Set up of the server took longer than expected 13 days in total
    (Of Which not too bothered about as its holiday season and was told for the wait an upgrade to a 500gb HDD)
  • Server is online ok great , but something isn't quite right, Internet explorer would not run
    got a blue screen every now and again and could not install iis nor any other add removed windows components would install
  • Support ticket submitted with the problems*
    No response had to ask over msn on why
  • Took another 4 days to sort out the reinstall of the operating system
    and when asked when would this be done 'soon was the response' i reply to when exactly i got blanked again
  • In the support ticket in *. it ask's for the I386 folder
    We never got an answer for this ticket
  • Reinstall of operating system is done
    But iis is still not installable
  • Was asked how long and now what happens, and no reply

We could add more to this but this is in major stuff its stopping us from doing business, everything is logged between our company's

and until i said we was going to post a review i get he would do it

I get the service is unmanaged but shouldn't the service be Running Fine before user / administration.

anyway the support is awful with hours (if not longer, if at all) in between for a reply, and having to explain again what was needed.

hope you all the best for the new year