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    CP for admin only

    Hi everyone,

    I know there's a lot of discussion regarding the best overall CP, but I'm looking for the best CP for admin only. Currently, I have Webmin, but I would like a CP that can automate things a bit more.

    My clients are small clients that do not require a control panel, yet I would still like to find the best CP for administering the server, setting up accounts, etc.

    This is for a Linux server.

    What are your recommendations?

    Also, would any of the current CPs allow me to integrate my own or third party scripts?

    Any input is much appreciated.

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    Webmin really is the best admin tool if you don't need the fancy client-side features. It is modular and extensible, and comes with tons of features.

    As for automation, you can install a module called isp4u to automate things a bit.

    No other control panel comes close to the functionalities of webmin, and to my knowledge, most of them don't allow you to integrate new scripts. (You may be able to do so by re-skinning cpanel and adding links to your own scripts).


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