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    Hi WHT,

    I have not been posting here for a long time even I am visiting WHT pretty much on daily basis. Here is my VERY but VERY POSITIVE review on I think I have alredy posted one positive review for them long time ago but here is the new one, fresh ... and just to mentioned, I am their client for about 3 years and I have a lot of expirience with them ... I really have not even a 0.01% of bad expirience with them. They are so business oriented. They are so friendly and willing to help even it is not theirs job or responsibility. I had so many issues with third parity applications and all problems were solved immediately. Two weeks ago I have ordered new dedicated server and move everything from old server to new server (within HFW). You know how that goes with migration part, always some additional setting to be set up until server gets 100% to spin up and these guys from HFW helped me so much, big time!!! They even helped me to move one my client from third parity server to my!!! Amazing!!! Talking about support ticket ... few minutes!!! Few minutes and you have your either problem solved or they will stay in contact with you at all times until problem is solved, if is something that need more that few minutes to be fixed. Sales Manager and if remember good his name is Max J. is very business oriented. He will talk to you as long as needed to find right solution for you. When we were negotiating for new server I had so many questions and requirements. He replied on all my questions, he found right solution for me, and finally I had righ price that match my budget for the server I want to get.

    I have seen a lot of posts around, people asking for good reliable provider. I do not think, I am 130% sure you wont go bad with HFW ... You wanna sleep normaly and have them take care for business, this is the way to go. I can type few miles long post about all good things for HFW but I think I put some essential things already.

    Also, network is top notch and they are in Equinix data center. If from some reason you server goes down and by SLA you need to be charged back ... do not worry, all your money will be either charged back or service will be extened for one more month/year.

    I hope this post will help for all of you guys who are planning to change your providers, to get ready of all 'wann be' providers. Make your self life easier and get with companies that has positive feedbacks, in this case HFW.

    HFW ... thank you for all your help and support I had so far from you. You guys rulez!!!


    P.S Sorry for my english if it is bad
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    ive only used the VPS and shared hosting with them and i agree 1000% with ya

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    i'm interested in a reseller packaqe with them..the value for money looks good....

    does anyone know if you can allow people to manage their own domains separately, without having the ability to modify others...

    say i let someone use there domain on my host...could they maintain and manage it, or would i have to?

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