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    * 2 x AMD Dual Core Server + 2GB RAM + 1 TB HD+ 10 TB B/W + FREE CP !!!!$239/Month!!!!

    Dual AMD Opteron 270 (Dual Core)*
    2 x AMD Opteron Dual-Core 270 2GHz (2MB Cache)
    2 X 1GB RAM
    1 x 500GB HDD (Order before 1/10/08 and get second 500 GB Drive FREE)
    100 Mbit Unmetered Port**

    $299/Month + Free Setup
    $279/Month + $169 Setup
    $239/Month + $359 Setup

    Dual AMD Opteron 244*
    2 x AMD Opteron 244 SledgeHammer 1.8GHz
    2 X 1GB RAM
    1 x 500GB HDD (Order before 1/10/08 and get second 500 GB Drive FREE)
    100 Mbit Unmetered Port**

    $239/Month + $39 Setup
    $199/Month + $219 Setup

    All servers include the following (ALL free of charge):

    CONTROL PANEL (cPanel w/Fantastico & RVSKIN, Plesk, Direct Admin, HELM 3 and 4)
    OPERATING SYSTEMS (Windows 2003 Web/Standard Editions, Fedora, Cent OS, Free BSD, all other Distros)

    Remote Reboot Port
    Manual Reboots
    Operating System Re-Installs

    IPv4 addresses - are free (ARIN rules)
    IPv6 Addresses - are free /48 per customer with /64 routed for each server (IRC ONLY)

    Replace your current storage configuration with Hardware 3Ware Raid Card + 4 x 500 GB HDDS (You choose the RAID configuration)

    $119/month + $39 Setup
    $58/month + $298 Setup
    $20/month + $398 Setup

    Other Information

    IRC - Is allowed upon request
    Adult Content - Is allowed. U.S. LEAGAL MATERIAL!

    Our Servers are Colocated at FDC:

    Network - BGP mix of XO, NTT-VERIO , INTERNAP, HE.NET , PCCW, TISCALI, WVFIBER, XEEX, ATT 81Gbps backbone

    Shared bandwidth traceroute:
    INTERNAP traceroute:
    IPv6 traceroute - 2001:49f0:1001::2


    PayPal verified buyers ONLY!

    Ordering will take place via E-Mail/Web form once buyer authenticity is confirmed here. For details please feel free to contact me.

    * All servers are UNMANAGED. For FULL managed services add $69/month. For details contact me!

    ** The bandwidth is NOT dedicated. Servers on the 100Mbit un-metered service plan can expect average 10TB/month (10000GB/month) throughput on outbound transfer (from the server to the internet) and up to 30TB/month throughput on inbound transfer (from the internet to the server)

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    RENT TO OWN: Dual AMD Opteron 270 (Dual Core):

    $279/Month + $899 RTO + 2 Month service contract

    RENT TO OWN: Dual AMD Opteron 244

    $239/Month + $699 RTO + 2 Month service contract

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