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    Hi, can anyone of you guys give me some comments about exa-bytes? I kinda like them and is just waiting for some assuring comments before i sign up.

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    I have heard good things about them on previous posts. Do a search.
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    I'm one of Exa-Bytes client. Well my comments :-

    1. I'm in Malaysia and running a phpBB forum and averaged 35 users everyday since April. Both HTTP & MySql server doing pretty well and I not experiencing any Database Down problem ( like Mysql query timed out if I host on ZeroSetup/Infinology ).
    2.Support ppl quite fast in reply.
    3.They will sponsor your site if your site meets their basic requirements.
    4. SSH Telnet session ready.
    5. Most of it, their server is fast in respons.

    1. Sometimes the http server will go down without notice and it usually happened in the peak hours. The downtime from 10-20 minutes.

    2. They have once accidentally changed their DNS Ip without notice. One of my friends quite upset on that.

    3.Everyday I have to think of limits my utilized bandwidth since bandwidth rise up easily. Hope their are offering something like IPowerWeb 20G bandwidth hosting plan.

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    i'm been using exa-bytes since january. chan rocks. he has to be the friendliest tech on the planet or at least the most patient cuz lord knows i've filed enough tix with him

    there have been few downtimes and the speed is quite good.

    the only complaint i have with them, and this isn't even their fault, is that they use cpanel and it forces email to an off the wall port which is not viewable from my day job.

    other than problems. they have not screwed me once...they have treated me with respect and it's been a pleasure working with them even with some of the little quirky things that seem to only happen to me.

    yes...i'm a happy customer deep in the heart of texas...san antonio to be exact.

    if you have any questions or concerns, pm me. i'd be happy to tell you what i know.

    you can also check out my site's not much but i use it for work mostly....i work in the news business.

    i hope that helps and good luck!
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