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    Review: Picanahost

    Hello new template, forum up; please review it, tell me how I can make it better?

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    good template but it needs some improvment.

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    Thanks, I just re-did testimonials the font was times new roman and I changed it. What else, for one WHMCS is just temporary I will put a banner up for a bit but thats not how It will stay. It will be completely custom!

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    Yeah needs improvement, not enough content on the homepage

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    overall structure looks fine. very clear theme. but design however looks old..maybe work a bit on that.

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    The template looks good. I think the balance of the plans in the main page is not right. You might consider centering them or adding more information. It's lacking something.

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    updated. please view for updates!

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    Have I not seen the same design before? I feel like I Have, whether I actually have or it just looks similar to something, I don't know. It's reasonable, it needs better matching colors, those colors don't go togeher too well. Check out the psychology of colors to get some ideas for further color changes.
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