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    Blog Software

    I'd like to offer my users tha ability to have 1 to 5 blogs for their site. I am usign Plesk 8.1 and Sitebuilder 4.

    The blog software in Sitebuilder 4 is ok but weak. I've looked into WordPress, but it seems to be software for a single server not for hosting to mulitple users.

    Anyone know of a solution?

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    Thanks guys. That seems to be exactly it!

    Now if I can integrate it into Plesk and assign and control numbers of blogs, space of blogs etc etc...

    Oh well next year. This is very good for now.
    Thanks again

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    i third's simple to maintain, easy to backup, easy to fix if you screw up your coding....highly recommended. wordpress is really great even if you use one of the blank templates to concoct a login driven site, which may not necessarily be a blog. wordpress has a great engine, i like it.

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    wordpress is good now they have released 2.3.2.

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    Wordpress (with MU) is a good choice for a pure blogging platform.

    if you are looking more than Blog then give Drupal a try. Drupal have built in support for Blog and more. it also supports multi user and multi site configuration.
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