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    * How to run a website on Multiple Servers to avoid downtime?

    Hello all people at Webhosting Talk,

    Is it possible to host a website on multiple servers so that if the main server fails, the backup server can keep things going?
    so downtime can be avoided?

    What if i host same content on 2 servers and assign the domain all four nameservers (2 of each server?


    is it going to work? so there is something else to be done ?

    Please revert,

    Regards and Wishes to all for christmas and New Year,


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    If the content does not change ( back end DB ) you can allso use round robin DNS. Very low level but does the job!

    Or as Blessen linked lot's of load balancing solutions, there's allso 2k3 based network load balancing which works a treat in IIS web farms.

    Happy hunting!
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    If both servers are on the same network, you can use VRRP so that both web servers run on the same IP address. You just need to make sure that you somehow synchronize the content.

    If both servers are on different networks, you can either use DNS (round-robin, geodns, etc.) or BGP anycasting. BGP anycasting is superior, but it may be difficult to find a provider who can offer it for your own two servers. It is however available in some CDNs.
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    If you want true reliability have the servers in different data centers and preferably with different providers.
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    I suggest you take a look at this article

    Why DNS Based Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) Doesn't Work
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    INLAB balance could be a great help for modern IT infrastructure as it would support IPV4 and IPV6 check this link

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