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    Does the Google Adsense Site Search Differ from Google Custom Search?

    Hello, I have been using the Google Adsense search form on my site and the search results are very limited. I see sites like Myspace use the Google Search engine and the results are much more accurate. I assume that they use this Google Service for this?

    Basically I want to replace the huge phpBB search DB with Google so I wanted to make sure that I have the right one from Google so that users will not have trouble locating specific content on my site.
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    I think you have limited your adsense for search to selected region or country. Check you adsense for search settings by logging on to your account.
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    The google custom search is also designed to allow you to put in a range of websites to search against. URLs/sites that you want your users to search through. This is great if you have many sites that are somewhat related (say automotive).
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    Thanks this topic is old I have found the answer long ago thanks for replying though.
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