Need another layer of hosting service? Need more than just rack space for your servers? Need more from your host? Get a FULLY-MANAGED Virtual Private Datacenter and get on "The Grid". Now focus on managing your business, not your hosted servers.

Do you need:
> High-availability environment?
> Enterprise-grade reliability?
> Clustered application deployment
> Easily scalable utility computing?
> All managed - all the time?
Yes? Then you need a Fully-Managed Virtual Private Datacenter (VPDC) grid from 1-800-HOSTING.

Utilizing AppLogic by 3Tera, Inc. to create the Virtual Private Datacenter (utility computing grid environment) on a minimum of four (4) Dell PowerEdge servers (nodes), this service is ideal for those who require the high-availability, performance, redundancy and scalability of a multi-server grid environment. All grid offerings are Fully-Managed by us - allowing the client to focus on their business while 1-800-HOSTING Grid Specialists handle all management and maintenance of the Grid and installed applications for you.

3Tera, Inc. is the leading innovator of grid and utility computing, simplifying the deployment and scaling of Web applications. 3Tera's AppLogic grid operating system converts commodity servers into scalable grids on which SaaS and Web 2.0 companies, enterprises and open source developers can visually operate, deploy and scale transactional web applications without any modification of code using only a browser.

Fully-Managed Virtual Private Datacenters are provided for a fixed monthly fee and include the following services:

The Most Proactive Support Communications in the Industry
Full Grid Admin Services
Data Migration Services
Software Installation & Configuration
Escalated Responsibility for Installed Applications
7200GB/mo. Data Transfer per 4-node Grid
Multilayer DDoS Mitigation at Server and Network Level
24/7/365 Live Phone Support (toll-free in US & Can) & Live Chat
24/7/365 Remote Hands and Eyes with Onsite Staffing
Support Request Ticket System
Experienced Grid Specialists, Support Technicians, SysAdmins & Network Engineers
System Monitoring Service with Client Notification and Problem Resolution
Ports Monitoring Service with Client Notification and Problem Resolution
Process Monitoring with Client Notification and Best-Effort Resolution
Client-Provided Application Monitoring Tools with Client Notification and Best-Effort Resolution
Predictive Hardware Failure (as available by platform) with Client Notification
Security/Vulnerability Assessment with Client Reporting
Physical Security Services
System Security Services
Operational Security Services
Optional Data Security Services
High Availability (HA) Solutions
Advanced Ports Monitoring Services
Operating system hardening
RTG Bandwidth Monitoring
Bandwidth Traffic Pattern Monitoring
Free use of 1-800-HOSTING DNS Services
100% Network Uptime SLA Guarantee
Multiple Tier-1 Internet Providers
Enterprise-Class Routers and Switches
Optimized Network Reliability with BGP Auto-Failover
One of the Fastest Networks of any Major Hosting Provider
Up to 100% Credit of Monthly Fees Paid
Advanced 1-Hour Hardware Resolution SLA Guarantee

Grid100 (4-Nodes)
CPU: 4 Intel Xeons with 8 Cores
RAM: 8GB ECC DDR2 (4 x 2GB)
HD: 1000GB (4 x 250GB SATA-II)
7200GB/mo. Data Transfer
Self-Managed from $1299/mo.
Fully-Managed from $1699/mo.

Grid200 (4-Nodes)
CPU: 8 Intel Xeons with 16 Cores
HD: 2000GB (4 x 500GB SATA-II)
7200GB/mo. Data Transfer
Self-Managed from $1699/mo.
Fully-Managed from $2199/mo.

Grid300 (4-Nodes)
CPU: 8 Intel Xeons with 32 Cores
RAM: 16GB FBD ECC DDR2 (4 x 4GB)
HD: 3000GB (4 x 750GB SATA-II)
7200GB/mo. Data Transfer
Self-Managed from $2099/mo.
Fully-Managed from $2699/mo.

Utility computing grid environments are easily scalable with additional nodes available as needed.

For quotes and consultation, please contact Sales. We will schedule a conference call with one of our Grid Specialists to evaluate your needs & requirements for high-availability, performance, installed applications & services, etc., to produce a detailed quote for your consideration.