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    Free billing control panel


    I know this question has been asked many times before, I tried using the search feature but I cant a match I want, either because I'm too tired from no sleep at all or I dont feel well.

    Do you guys know of any FREE billing control panel that can process invoices etc, for windows which DOES NOT need to be intergrated with a control panel.

    Thanks alot,
    - Danny.

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    Some of free billing softwares:

    Simple Invoices -
    phpCOIN -
    myInvoice -
    DomainCart - Domain and Hosting Shopping Cart with Integrated Bootstrap Hosting Template. - Demo

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    Thanks, I'll try them out.

    - Danny

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    i wouldnt recommend phpcoin, just a waste of time in my opinion.
    msot of these are on 'fantastico' via cpanel, for the sake of 20$ a month you can get a brilliant billing system. well worth it!

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    Rather not use free billing system.
    simply because thats the part of your business that manages money so rather spend some money and get something decent.
    awbs is cheap enough with once off costs.

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    i use to use phpcoin i would go with that one

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    I would recommend Bamboo Invoices. It's easy to use and generate invoices from and you can automaticially have it include a link to your billing provider.

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