HadleyHost provides webhosting for business or personal use.

Due to our anniversary we are offering 50% off all listed prices below. Just enter the coupon code "HH001" on signup!

All of our hosting plans are hosted on a stable server which is running Linux. We use the "cPanel" control panel which is widely regarded as the best control panel in the industry due to its advanced features and style.

We offer many different packages, you can see the basic specifications of them below (to see the full specifications please go to http://www.hadleyhost.com/webhosting.html )

Hadley50 - 50 MB Space, 1 GB Bandwidth for $1.50/Month

Hadley100 - 100 MB Space, 3 GB Bandwidth for $2.40/Month

Hadley250 - 250 MB Space, 5 GB Bandwidth for $4.20/Month

Hadley500 - 500 MB Space, 7 GB Bandwidth for $6.00/Month

Hadley750 - 750 MB Space, 10 GB Bandwidth for $7.70/Month

Hadley1000 - 1000 MB Space, 15 GB Bandwidth for $9.40/Month

Hadley2000 - 2000 MB Space, 20 GB Bandwidth for $12.00/Month

If you decide to pay yearly then you get 2 months for free!

To sign up or for more information, please visit http://www.hadleyhost.com