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    Who keeps webhosting vs domains providers separate?

    I'm just curious, is it more common for most folks here to buy their domain names at the same place as their web hosting provider(IE: Hostgator, Bluehost, etc)

    Or is it more common to buy the domain names at one place (IE: Namecheap, Godaddy) and the hosting somewhere else (mentioned above) and point the domain name at the directory at the web hosting provider.... thereby having separate providers for domain names and hosting?

    I'm particularly interested in what's more common with add-on domains for shared IP hosting. Thanks.

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    I would prefer to go with a registrar for domain names and hosting at a host. I would say, it is better to keep them at different points. Very often, I have seen posts with people having issues with their host and begging them for getting their domain name control from them.
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    I have 7 domains registered at DynaDot. All are hosted (on the same account) at 1 and 1.

    Separate is better.

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    I'm just curious, is it more common for most folks here to buy their domain names at the same place as their web hosting provider
    That would be hard to judge estimate, but if I where to guess, I would suppose that the more experienced users do use different companies, while the less experienced don't (for ease of use reasoning, and getting free domains with their hosting). The question would now be, which group is larger.

    I'm particularly interested in what's more common with add-on domains for shared IP hosting.
    I'm not sure what you mean.

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    Well from what I've seen

    It's common for expert users to buy their domains from namecheap, godaddy and put their hosting elsewhere.

    At the same time you have users who always buy the domain from the host if it's a new site.

    It's funny I preach buy the domain from somewhere else, yet we offer the ability to buy domains right from us when you buy hosting just because for the less knowledgeable user it's easier.
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    better that you keep domains and hosts in different places. you will never know what will your hosts do when you try to move away from them. Another thing is, it might be cheaper to get it somewhere else.

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    keeping it with same place it will save your time, i suggest to go with same company for hosting and domains. for support and other things it will save your time. but i know most of using enom,opensrs or some thing and its directly managing by host, dont choose people like that and choose people who gives you full domain management tools.

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    Separation is much better. If you leave the host, they still keep your domain. Whereas if you have it yourself, you always control the reigns.
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    keep domains and hosts in different places

    Prefer to keep the domains and hosts with different provider that way, you don't need to worry about your domain when you want to go for different hosting

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
    It's funny I preach buy the domain from somewhere else, yet we offer the ability to buy domains right from us when you buy hosting just because for the less knowledgeable user it's easier.
    Same here. And I expect the vast majority of hosts who do this are honest and would not even think of creating problems for clients who want to switch. But still, I do tell people to keep domains separate from hosting - even though we also offer it.
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    I prefer buying from GoDaddy (usually the lowest price) and then host at some host. This gives me confidence: if I move to another host, I would not have any problems.

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    We offer domains as a convenience for "1 stop shopping/billing" and don't make money on the deal. However we can't compete with the likes of GoDaddy for normal day-to-day low pricing. It's just many of our customers forget their account information with the registrar since they only login there once a year or less and like one-stop billing.

    HOWEVER like a couple of the hosts above when someone buys a domain through us ALL the domain information (owner/administrative/technical/billing) is set to the purchaser. That way if someone wants to leave they have full control of their name and can pack up and go.

    The reason so many people advise (rightly so) keeping them separate is because many hosts will put their info in there - not bad if it's billing or technical - but as the administrative contact; and many "newbies" don't know that the administrative contact controls the name, not the "owner". This results in some bad cases like we have seen where someone wants to change hosts and the other host holds them "hostage" for the domain name.

    It's common (and OK) if it was some "deal" like "free domain with hosting" (that protects the host from somebody getting a free name then immediately leaving) but that's when you need to read the fine print and make sure the owner gets the name "in full" after the discount period is over.

    Either way is OK if it's done ethically, but sadly there are those who use it for unethical purposes like one customer we had whose old host wanted $200 for the name (It was not a part of a promotion) so they had to threaten legal action, or if you do get a free-promotion and then use your name on cards or other advertising and find the host is not what you wanted and want to leave... at the least you will have to pay the remainder of your contract (like with Dotster, GoDaddy or other combo registrar/hosts) to keep your name (ethical because you agreed to the "deal" when you signed up)

    So best to have your own registrar unless you want the convenience of one-bill/one account to remember usernames & passwords and know the host you are buying from is ethical (read ALL the fine print).

    And as said GoDaddy is usually the cheapest for just everyday domain purchases.
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    Separated, no doubt about it. We don't offer domains to our clients, but we do have a knowledgebase article explaining the advantages of having the two separate, and we also recommend namecheap (they are awesomeness).
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    We offer domain names to our clients as a convenience. We have three types of clients actually that have either web hosting and domain names with us, have their domain names with other registrars and just have their web hosting with us, and we also have those that register their domain names with us but host them elsewhere or spreadload between us and other web hosts.

    Two things you would want to make sure if you are doing a one stop shop is, ensure your info is being populated as both owner and admin (why would you want your business domain show the web host as the owner), and also ensure you have full control over the domain name via a user control panel that will allow you to change things such as nameservers, case you needed or wanted to change web hosts, you can do so without interaction with the current web host or having to rely on them to change your nameservers for you.
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    I separate my domains from my hosting.

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    The original question is, in essence, do most people keep both in the same place.

    The answer is yes. GoDaddy is both the biggest registrar and one of the biggest hosts.

    Domain name registrars can provide hosting, obviously, and hosts can provide domain name registrations. The vast majority of sites are handled in this manner without incident. It really doesn't matter if you have both in the same place, so long as your provider is trustworthy and ethical.
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