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    Year end sale for featured links.

    I guess I have a good problem, one of my directories has started doing pretty well. We haven't promoted really yet, so don't understand why its doing so much better than our other directories, I'm not going to worry about it just focus on it.

    Site is getting roughly 50 submissions a day, and traffic is growing steadily. People have been signing up for featured listings at $4.95 per month. From now until new years day we are making featured listings $2.50 for a year and keeping links free. Jan. 2nd, we are going back to $4.95 a month and we will no longer be offering free links.....

    Act now.

    Only PR 1 now, but haven't done any link building yet, shooting for a four next update, depending on how fast they update next.

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    Please send me payment info and proof of traffic stats if possible and I will order one.


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    traffic is about 50 submissions a day with about 80 uniques. its $2.50, thats best i'll do. think I'm lying dont sign up.

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    Well since you feel the need to project an attitude about it, I will pass. I asked a question that you will see asked in most of the ad space posts, it wasn't meant to be rude. Wanting proof of traffic stats is not uncommon.

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