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    Choosing a host...


    My site is currently with, and has been for the past year. They're a great domain host, fast service, moderately cheap.

    However, I'm looking for something a little cheaper, but that also offers multiple domains on one account, very similar to cyberpixels. I've heard about cyberpixels, and they don't sound like a reliable host.

    I was just wondering if there are any domain hosts just like cyberpixels out there, but have pretty much no down-time and are fast and reliable? I need three new domains pretty fast. Help much appreciated, thanks!


    PS: Also, I'm in Canada, so anything from there or the US I would prefer.

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    If you are happy with it, and as I see it, you are on the $5/month plan, stay with them. It is very hard to find GOOD quality and reliable hosting with good support for less then $5.

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