View Poll Results: How many people (or resellers) do you think AIT has stolen from in the last year?

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  • 501-1000 people

    9 69.23%
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    * AIT must be held accountable!

    Fellow AIT victims: Too many people have been scammed by AIT (Advanced Internet Technologies).

    I have a growing list of documented AIT victims, and its obvious that:

    1) AIT IS STEALING from a MULTITUDE of people...and getting away with it...nobody is banding together to get these guys or taking enough action!
    2) Their servers are unreliable
    3) Their techs have an IQ only slightly higher than burnt toast
    4) Their advertising is deceptive
    5) The biling reps and supervisors will flat-out LIE to any body to DELAY a customer owed a refund/credit so long that they will attempt to wear out your they will NEVER have to pay a customer back!

    ANYBODY that has been an AIT victim, no matter how small, that has the GUTS and PERSISTENCE to stand up against these CROOKS, please email me privately with your details so that we can END this problem once and for all and get ALL of our MONEY BACK!

    AIT is not only a crooked company but just plain EVIL. AUSSIES or any non-USA victims, please do not hesitate to contact me as well.
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    Hi Fletch.

    I am doing all that I can to expose AIT. Please visit my website for my story.

    Let me know how I can help you.

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