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    Thumbs up Steadcom Review (early)

    Ordinarily I don't like giving early reviews. Unless the service is so extreme one way or another, or there are special circumstances (like being a brand-new company in need of exposure), I prefer to wait at least a few months to get a solid feel for everything.

    TL/DR: Steadcom =

    After my experiences with Dimitri and Gabe at Steadcom, I could not put this post off any longer. Their customer service is off the charts, even for entry-level customers such as myself. For starters, I'm on their Beginner B package, which is an unmanaged low-cost VPS. I'm also still fairly new to VPSes. Administering my own Gentoo box is one thing, but working in a VPS environment is quite different.

    Saying that Steadcom proves great customer service is an understatement. Both Gabe and Dimitri have taken the time to thoroughly resolve all of my concerns, no matter how elementary. They've absolutely bent over backwards to be accommodating and helpful. They have helped me overcome a minor DNS hiccup at my registrar, responded to every ticket within minutes, and have provided solid answers to every question I can come up with. Just now, in fact, I rebuilt my OS just to try Gentoo on for size. Without even opening a ticket, I received an email from their CEO asking if everything was all right and if there was anything they could help with. Talk about pro-active customer service! This is the kind of treatment I would expect on a managed service and/or a higher-end package (don't forget, I'm only contributing $20 + add-ons per month).

    Let me say that again -- I'm not a major profit center for these guys, and I'm being treated as if I'm their only customer. As comforting as that is now, it makes me certain that this is the company I want to be working with if I ever run into major problems. Just as important, the amount of attention they're paying to me as a new, low-profit customer reflects very well on the amount of attention they pay to keeping their servers and network gear up and running.

    In other words, I am very impressed with Steadcom. Their low prices are misleading; these guys are definitely pros. I'll follow up on this thread in a few months once I've had some more experience with them. For now, if you're considering a new VPS provider, I can't recommend them enough!

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    Thank you so much for those kind words. Definitely rewarding. Once again welcome on board and enjoy your service!
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    Great to see Gabe and Dimi are treating you well! You shouldn't expect anything less from them, great guys

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