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    End of Year Dedicated Server Sale - $99

    TotalChoice Hosting is having an end of year sale on Dedicated Servers!

    TotalChoice Hosting has been in the forefront of hosting and is a full service hosting company. Currently we service over 25,000 clients! As a TotalChoice client you can rest at night knowing that:

    * We have been in the business for over 7 years!

    * Knowledgeable technical support staff available 24x7 to help you when you need it. Our techs work for only us, we outsource nothing!

    * We have our own data center presence located in a natural disaster free area. Located in Troy, Michigan our locally employed staff works our help desk 24 hours per day.

    * TotalChoice owns all the hardware and we use quality server-grade parts.

    * Our data center utilizes state of the art Cisco Routers and Switches.

    * TotalChoice has multiple diverse entry fiber connections to major reliable carriers. Such as Level 3, XO Communications, Global Crossing and Cogent.

    * Solid network uptime!

    * Direct IP Allocation from ARIN.

    * We have nine 20-ton Liebert HVAC units with a glycol heat exchange system. Temperature maintained at 72F and 40% humidity for maximum server reliability.

    * We have redundant power backup. A Liebert 600T series online, double-conversion UPS unit. Distribution: multiple PDUs and sub feeds. Generator: Kohler 610kW Diesel with 5 day fuel supply with refueling contracts. ATS: 3000 amp 277/480Y Asco automatic transfer switch with bypass isolation.

    * Security aware Data Center. Our DC is located in the prestigious County of Oakland, Troy, MI. Key card access is limited to only active employees. We have deployed a DVR offsite recorded Camera Surveillance system to protect our assets. Multiple access controlled areas allow us to control who accesses our equipment.

    All of our servers include the following at NO additional charge.

    1. Fully distributed, multi-location monitoring of PING, HTTP, DNS, POP3 and SMTP. If any monitored services go offline, you are dispatched an email from our monitoring system. Our technicians are also alerted and will be immediately working on the issue.

    2. APC Remote reboot. Every server comes standard with an APC remote reboot device that allows you to remotely power off and then power on your server.

    3. Full access to our Bandwidth monitoring system. We utilize an enterprise version of PRTG, and give every server client full access. This can be used to dispatch email alerts to you in a case of over use of bandwidth. We monitor your server in 2 minute cycles, so you can sleep at night.

    4. Your choice of OS Installation. We offer a full array of Linux based distributions. Also, we can complete any custom partition scheme that you would like, at no charge. Windows Server installs can be performed, however there are additional charges per month.

    5. One hour hardware replacement. We will replace any broken or non-functioning hardware items within one hour. Our high level of in-stock parts is at your disposal.

    6. 24 /7 emergency access to management team, including the CEOs Cell Phone number.

    7. 160gb of remote backup space using our remote R1 Soft Backup service. This is a fully automated remote backup service that will keep 12 hour incremental backups of your data. Even if your all your servers hard drives crash, you can feel safe knowing that there are remote backups just moments away from restore. We run our backups over a private 1gbs private network, so restores are blazingly fast.

    We have 6 of the following servers available. [Unmanaged]
    Once these are sold, there will be no more available at this price. This sale includes all new hardware - no recycled or aging parts.

    AMD 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+ Processor
    2 x 160GB SATA Hard Drives
    1600GB Bandwidth (800in / 800out)
    (5) Five IPs Include. Additional IPs Available w/ justification.
    cPanel / WHM Included
    Fantastico Included
    Remote Backups - 12 Hour Incremental
    No Setup Fee
    No long term contract
    $99.00 per month

    24 hour setup once payment is completed.

    IP For Testing:

    Order Now!

    Hardware Upgrades available.
    Bill Kish
    TotalChoice Hosting
    Hosting over 50,000 clients since 2000

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    1) aldut content allow?
    2) particular HD partitionning?
    3) cost of os reload?


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    1) As long as it is legal, you can host it.

    2) We have a default hard disk partitioning, but can customize it based on your requirements. The default is:
    / - 5GB
    /boot - 500M
    /usr - 12G
    /var - 12G
    /home - remainder
    swap - double the initial ram size, or 2GB with this hardware configuration.
    /backup - all of second disk.

    3) OS Reloads cost $25.00. This doesn't apply to drive failures or disk corruptions.
    Bill Kish
    TotalChoice Hosting
    Hosting over 50,000 clients since 2000

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    how about an extra 1 GB RAM? and uplink port speed? wot extend of support provided?

    i would like to have a talk if possible b4 deciding.

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    Thank you everyone for your interest. All 6 have been sold and the sale has concluded.
    Bill Kish
    TotalChoice Hosting
    Hosting over 50,000 clients since 2000

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