i am searching for a partner who will along with me be interested in starting a web host based in Netherlands.

If the partner resides in Netherlands, it will be a plus point.
I personally am from India.

I am looking to get our own hardware and co locate it in a data center and i am looking for a long term partner and not someone who will go away after 1-2 months.
We can lease the hardware if not outright purchase so keeping investment low.
Also, for starting we can get servers from other companies though i intend to co locate in future if not for the start.

I am also willing to join another existing company.

If any one of you would be interested or would like more details about me or the project, please leave a message via Pm , email or post here.

to contact me :
Via PM - http://www.webhostingtalk.com/privat...newpm&u=183733

Via Email - [email protected]

or you can post here.