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    Hard Drive for sale!

    This is one good hard drive and its brand new. It is Western Digital 60 GB with 7200 rpm. I would like to sell it for more than $90 but if there are no offers then something less would be ok too. Payment is made by paypal. $90 is with shipping and handling, so you dont have to pay extra for that. PM for offers or post it here.


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    Or I am willing to trade 256 MB SDRAM for this hard drive. But only 16x64-PC100 SDRAM 256 MB, 168 pin!

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    16 x 64?
    that would make it 128 Mb
    You mean 32 x 64.

    Oh and check your prices...256 Mb of PC100 cost $49 nowadays from

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    it does?

    Thanks for telling me.


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