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    Correct Software and Partitioning you would like to see in a dedicated server?

    How do you expect a dedicated server with full root/administer access to be delivered from the hosting company to you. I.e. software and Partitioning if any on both linux and windows OS?

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    We were thinking

    Linux: Apache 2, BIND, GCC, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, Perl, PHP, MySQL, Python, Sendmail and Postfix (enabled), Webmin

    Windows: MDAC 2.8, Windows 2003 Support Tools, IIS 6.0 Resource Kit Tools, Terminal Services (1 license), .NET Framework v1.1 & v2, WinZIP, VBScript 5.6, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft XML 4.0-SP, ASP


    Default Linux Partitioning: /boot = 100MB; / = 10GB; /var = 25GB; swap = 1GB; /home = remainder of disk space.

    Default Windows Partitioning: C: = 20GB; E: = 8GB; D: = remainder of disk space.

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    Depends on where you get the server from.

    Most companies deliver you a LAMP server with linux.

    When you get a windows server, most likely, your going to have just a basic server 2003'll need to install IIS, and what not from the control panel, then download the rest from Microsoft / Adobe.

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    Windows server is clean with no software installed other than OS.

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