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    Thumbs up A SteadCom Review!

    My name is Shikhir A. I have 2 VPS's with SteadCom; Enterprise A and B packages.

    URL to SteadCom:

    First of all, I've been with them a month and a half. They are the best. The prices are purely amazing..and their flexibility is great. They have great doubled resources special, and offer management with 6 hour guarantees for support!
    Gabe and Dimitri are both great guys, and as I grow bigger I am hoping to grow with them

    Pros: Great Support, Flexibility, and pricing, get 50 refferals and get a enterprise b vps free for life.

    Cons: None, they are the best

    Domain hosted with them:

    Highly Reccomended

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    Thank you Shikkir.
    Website Design and Marketing in France

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    Glad to hear you are happy with them. Dimi and Gabe are both doing good jobs with steadcom.

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