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    Need advice


    Due to rapid growth and rising costs, I recently moved my ezboard site to vBulletin and signed up with Zeonhost. After a few days, Zeonhost informed us we were too big for them to handle. We've had to temporarily move the site to a different host while we look for something new. Can anyone recommend an excellent host that works particularly well with vBulletin? We have a board with 53,000+ posts, an average of 300 posts per day (but that's growing and expected to keep rising), and an average of 75-150 users online at all times (a number that's also rising each day as new users sign up).

    My tech administrator tells me we need a package that starts with at least 15GBs of bandwidth per month and 300 megs of storage. We also require PHP 4 and MySQL.

    I've heard a lot of good things about futurequest, as well as a few others. Does anyone have a recommendation as to which host would suit our needs best? We need a host that can handle the site as it is and handle rapid growth. Priorities are consistency of uptime, excellent tech support, and speed.

    Any suggestions/recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I say get your own dedicated server

    Get a rackshack server

    check your PM btw.

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    Have we grown to the point of needing a dedicated server already?

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    Well im just saying
    you have a host who just rejected you lol
    So i figure maybe it is time. Also you said that you have members growing all the time..

    So even if you go with a web host right now, eventually you'll need it
    Might as well do it now, becuase later, it might be harder to move...

    and i said get a rackshack server, because it seems ideal

    1. get a sys admin
    2. get a rackshack server (TONS OF BANDWIDTH)
    3. make sure the rackshack server works (hardware is good)
    4. make weekly backups or something like that.

    just some advice

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    For the price of a Rackshack, hell yeah get one. What you're needing is gonna cost ya at least $40 at any host worth their salt, and you can get a $99 rackshack and not have to worry about it for a LONG time before you saturate a whole server! Assuming someone in your org can run a server?
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    Whether you have or not, if you're having that much trouble, you may want to consider it. Research it before you throw any money into it, though. Plus, you kept mentioning that it's growing, so apparently you expect it to eventually need one, yes?


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    if you have 75 concurrent users at a minimum you passed shared hosting long ago.

    a rackshack server should be fine, just make sure you get someone who know how to use it.

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    The truth is, I never expected my site to grow so quickly and get so big - we're not even a year old. I'm basically a beginner at all this but my tech administrator is a whiz. He's volunteering to help me set everything up but he has a real job that keeps him busy as well so I need a host that can work with me. If we need a dedicated server is there a host that offers one and really takes care of you and makes it easy?

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