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    Understanding Web Proxies

    If I understand it correctly, its a broker between client and another webserver thats not directly accessible from the client. For instance, if I couldn't get to the web based Travian Game from my work, I could setup a web proxy to get around my work firewall/proxy policies.

    My questions:

    1. Is my understanding of the concept correct?
    2. Most resellers/hosting providers have a strict NO policy against them. Why? Is it illegal? What am I missing?
    3. If it was a concern that the usage would get out of control, could login/passwords be implemented? Or straight control to the destination domain? For example, could I lock down my proxy to only make the "travian" domain available? Would a provider be more acceptable to this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    1) Pretty much, yes.

    2) They are not illegal to my understanding. Hosts block them because they are huge resource hogs.

    3) Yes, a login could be used. Yes it probably can be locked to one site. Some smaller providers who you could reason with might allow it if you do not use many resources, others would just say no to the concept of hosting a proxy.

    Proxies work like this:
    User enters website.
    Proxy processes all the website content and media for the page requested.
    The proxy echos back the content of the entered page to the user through its website.
    Usually, proxies have some encryption mechanisms for the URLs and content.

    As long as the proxy is not blocked, and has resources, it can process the requested page, as long as it is not blocked by its own firewall policies, etc.

    Basically its a web-based, remote desktop'd, web browser.

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    Thanks for your reply Paul! If its a matter of resources, could this be done on a VPS without affecting others? Theoretically?

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    There should be no issue when you're running your proxy site on a VPS

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    You can have a look at shared hosting offers section. There are specialized proxy hosts too.

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    just my 2 cents here but why waste your own money creating your own proxy site when you can just use one of the many proxy sites allready out there ? . Just googling proxy sites throws up loads of results.
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