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    Review Template Please

    Hi, I was making this site for a hosting and web design company that my friends and I are starting. We decided not to use it so I am going to try to sell it as a template. I am trying to maximize its value so any suggestions would be appreciated.

    The bottom is empty due to image size limitations, it will fill up with content.
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    Hi Eazy015,
    Overall, your template looks easy to navigate and well put together. I can offer you a few suggestions, though.

    The logo/header reminds me of a nightclub or restaurant logo. Maybe it's just me?! I would do a logo that pertains more to the hosting industry and is more easily identifiable with hosting. Also, try moving the logo over to the left to align with the rest of your design. That blank gray square keeps catching my eye even though there's nothing there. .02 cents.

    Good work and good luck.

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    theres too much white space over alll especially top right corner area.... and wired is right about the nite club comment....i am not sure how well the nite skyline goes with hosting....

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    thanks for the suggestions guys, ill adjust it accordingly

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    There is too much wasted space...

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