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    FREE submission Web Directories

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    Where do they got their traffic from? And what is their PR?
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    So all on the same server? Is this one owner, same script on all sites? How are the sites marketed? Looks like a hek of a lot of money to do?

    If this is a scheme to drive engine traffic to the sites you created then it would be best not to make a directory but to start with home-page description and links to the sites you sell advertising to as the engines will notice this and will not care to index most of them. To buy traffic for all these sites will be an expensive exercise.

    Also different IPs for some of the sites may help.

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    Thanks for the replies, I can solve some confusions:

    1. They all look alike but all are different entitiesbecause of different DBs and different submissions.

    2. I believe they all are spreaded on 4-5 IPs right now, But I am slowly spreading them to a big bunch of unique IPs, as i have more then 30 different C class allocations.

    3. They all receive good traffic like 100-600 uniques and upto 3000 pageviews daily. But almost half of them are at 1xx uniques daily, All .org receive more then 300 uniques each.

    4. All of them have many pages listed in goole and ample yahoo backlinks.

    Please do not hesiatet to ask further questions.

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