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    Just got a new dedicated server from serveraday

    I just got a dedicated server from serveraday, specs are:

    2.6 celeron
    1 gig ram
    40GB Drive (I hope they will upgrade this for me)
    Centos & Cpanel
    2500GB Bandwith

    It came out to $79/month after everything. I prepaid for one year because they said on their site that they do free upgrades like larger hard drive etc. if you prepay.

    How does that deal sound?

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    chica go go
    If their network policies were different, i'd agree, but I can't stand their ssh access requirement, or policy that prohibits adult content.

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    i read about that policy, but I am ok with it.. I am just hosting one site on it and I would rather save on the price than worry about that.

    Plus I have not heard any reports about OLM misusing it, or anyone having a negative effect because of it.

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