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    small company graphic logo design needed

    Hi, i need a dedicated person (not someone from some company) to help me out with all the small graphic design. He is to dedicatedly sticked with me.

    anyone from anywhere is welcomed, singaporean top-wanted

    i need graphics like this (animated for customers to link to me),

    And many more.

    I will be paying the person who help me by 2 ways
    1) provide him with free webhosting (unmetered bandwidth)
    2) pay like $1 for each graphic design if he/she insisted on money.

    PM me before the position is closed. Have a great xmas!

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    ok i am PMing i am the first one to ask. PLEASE choose me :p

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    Hi. I can do this for you.

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    so how can i contact you?

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    rajatagarwal84 [at] gmail dot com

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    pump up pump up

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    well u hav chosen me right? :d

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