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    Lightbulb How can i offer VPS on my New Server to my Customers !?


    now i have a new dedicated server from Liquidweb .. but there is alot of clietns and customers asked me for VPS offers ..

    so which software should in install on my dedi server to offered them VPS plan !!? and from where can i buy it .. and whats the requierment also what about the cPanel Licenses !!??

    all i want is to offer VPS/cPanel With Virtuozzo Power Panel

    Waiting for experts replay

    also of anyone can help me in this i can pay for him
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    You need to buy Virtuozzo from SwSoft. That includes Virtuozzo Power Panel. There is special cPanel VPS Licensing. You can buy it from a 3rd party or become a cPanel Distributer/Reseller your self.

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    Or if you are UNIX savvy, you can use Xen.

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    Yeah, but he seems to want VZPP. If you don't need VZPP you can use HyperVM + OpenVZ or Xen. HyperVM works like VZPP but it's cheaper.

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    yeah HyperVM you get 5 vps free then its $.50 per Vps after. Not bad.

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    We currently have HyperVM in production, I would recommend it.

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    Don't you get LXAdmin with HyperVM also? I think HyperVM is a good solution

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    I have also seen a few linux tuts get HSPC working with OpenVZ, you dont get total control.. but a few management features are there if you need simple control over the VPS's.

    Besides that, i would use HyperVM with OpenVZ.

    OpenVZ is the 'legacy version' of Virtuzzo, but they still offer a stable build.

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    I like OpenVZ would recommended for starting out, keep cost low.
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    No question that If cost is an issue I would say go with HyperVM or OpenVZ.

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    HyperVM or OpenVZ any thing will do...

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