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    Dedicated and DNS question.

    Hi Guys,
    I still cant get my head around the DNS system! Ok, I get how you add records on the domain, but what I don't still get is: Why is there a DNS section on some control panels like Plesk? I thought all the DNS settings would be edited though your domain registrar?

    Also, I have a dedicated server with 6 IPs, and I want to start using nameservers (ie ns1... ns2...) to make it easier to add new domains, can this be done via cPanel, or would I have to edit BIND myself (should have mentioned the OS is CentOS 4). And will I be able to make mass DNS changes though the nameservers?

    Thanks in advance and sorry i have board some of you!

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    Hi ehuk,

    You can use the DNS server of your domain registrar, or host your own DNS server on your dedicated server and use that. That's why some control panels have a DNS section.

    Yes, with Cpanel you can add nameservers, but also make sure the correct NS and A records are added in the DNS zone.

    Mass dns/nameserver change can be done via some perl script, but that you need to look for. I don't think cpanel has a built-in feature for this, since I personally don't use cpanel - Online in no time
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    cPanel don't have the functionality to change mass dns/nameservers. You will have to do it one at a time in cpanel.

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