I just received this solicitation from Hostonce. Are they back to reek more havoc! Here is the email:

Subject: Your Web Hosting Account!!

Dear Valued HostOnce.com Customer. As acknowledgement of your
continued support, we at HostOnce have organized a special limited offer
available only to Hostonce customers, their families and friends.

As you are aware our unlimited Hosting Plans Linux or Windows are
normally US$4.95/UKú3.50/month

HostOnce customers, their families and friends may now purchase
additional Hosting accounts Linux or Windows for only US$2.50/UKú1.75/month

HostOnce guarantees for as long as you are a continuous client, in good
financial standing, and you keep renewing your contract for web hosting
service, we guarantee that you will be locked into this webhosting
price forever.

Feel free to send this link to your family and friends. This link is
not available via our website. Only account holders can purchase at
this discounted price via our website. So spread the news!!

Pleas do not respond to this email address. Email [email protected]
if you have any queries.

Thank you,

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