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    Response Time :: How much effective

    In the past few months, I have tested 2/3 hosting companies. I have found that they were promised about quick response of their tickets. Most of them guaranteed the response time is below 60 minutes.


    Yes, really interesting as I found that they keep their words by some technique. Suppose that, I have sent a ticket for a simple technical issue. Usually all provider sends ticket opening confirmation. So, I dont count it as a reply as it is automated. Within 2 - 5 mins I get a response from someone of their respective department something like:

    "We have received your ticket. We are now checking the issue and will update you soon".

    So, one reply is made. The 60 mins promise is kept. Now they have another 110 mins to solve the issue.


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    It's quite typical actually... I've dealt with providers who do this and its extremely frustrating to get a response some 6 hours later.
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    lol... I understand its quite frustrating.

    However, there are some providers who keep their promise and send 2 replies (1 automated & other human response ) within promised period.
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    I guess that kind of vendors hiring someone who doesnt have access to server, just for replying those messages, then pass it to other techs. In that case, there is no guarantee that there is a tech there can take a look at your issue

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    Keep in mind that a response guarantee and a resolution guarantee are two different things. I agree having a response just saying 'we are looking into it' isn't very helpful. It certainly shouldn't count if it's automated.

    However sometimes it's necessary to put a reply that the ticket is being looked into as actually resolving the issue may take a lot longer than an hour.

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    ...and this way, you also know that the ticket was received.
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