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    Auction - Athlon 64 3000+, 1GB RAM, 10mbit, 750GB BW, 40 USD/month, Atlanta, GA

    I currently am renting a dedicated server with the following specs from a

    Athlon 64 3000+
    1GB RAM
    10mbit+ mixed bandwidth line
    750GB monthly bandwidth
    Debian Etch
    40 USD/month

    I put down an initial 200 USD payment when I started renting the server, which is why the payments are so low. I was going to go ahead and just cancel the server, but thought someone else would appreciate the extremely low monthly cost for a very good quality server.

    The server payment is due 1/1/2008 so you would receive it just as my last payment was ending.

    Server is currently installed with LAMP (managed via ISPCONFIG). Everything else will be deleted, leaving you with a (mostly) vanilla Debian Etch install, though you can later request an OS reload if it is not to your liking.

    Biding will close in exactly 24 hours at 4:09 AM EST time (yes I am up this late regularly).

    There is no reserve, so if only one person bids for 1 cent then they get it. Any posting marked via this forums software as after 4:09 AM EST time on 12/26/07 will be void. Winning bidder should PM me contact info if it is not in their profile so we can arrange the transfer.

    That is all, if I left something out please ask so I can update this post as I do not do this sort of thing regularly!

    Thanks .

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    How much the HD space?
    Any whm/cpanel included?
    Managed/unmanaged server?

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    yeah more info please

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    10Mbit + Mixed (I suppose shared) bandwidth comes up with a total of 750GB only?

    Would it cost anything additional for a OS reinstall?

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    80GB HD Space
    No Cpanel/WHM
    CP is ISPCONFIG (more info at

    I believe it's 40 USD for a OS reload.

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    When is the next payment due out or is the auction over?
    Since it doesnt look like it rented maybe it is still available?

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