* URL: pimpmaspace.com
* Established: 24 Mar 2006
* Uniques/Month: 155,000
* Page views/month: 2,500,000
* Monthly Revenue: $1500
* PageRank: 6
* Listed: 25 Dec 2007


Why Am I Selling?: I have a host of other online businesses that am I currently very busy with. I've ran pimpmaspace for almost two years now and while it was fun and very profitable I want to pass it on to someone who can expand on what is already there and get a return on my investment in order to fuel my other businesses.

What Is Included: All the images, layout code, graphics, the sites back end and database, plus the front end (CSS and markup), and obviously the domain.

What is your Price?: My bin price is $30k, I'm willing to take lower offers, so don't be shy.
Will You Trade: No, I am sorry but I am not looking to trade.

Traffic Details: The site currently gets around 5,000 unique visitors per day with around 65,000 page views per day. The site was re-designed in mid 2007 and the back end was also re-done with a tagging system, comments, and user membership area. Nothing outside of that was done - no promotion, link buying, etc.. As you can see there is a lot of potential for more revenue/traffic with a little bit of promotion.

Conclusion: I'm looking for a quick sale. I didn't write a 5 page post about how much potential the site has, because that's a given for any smart buyer. The sites not growing and I'm not happy with that. I want to get the last bit of money I can out of it for my work and pass it onto someone who has the time, knowledge, and motivation to take it to the next level. There is an extremly solid base already there already programming, backlink, and SEO/Ranking wise.

What's The Site Run, How Much Does It Cost To Run?This site does not run PHP. It runs a Python framework (www.djangoproject.com) called Django. The requirements are not much different then PHP. Django can be run on Windows or *nix platforms with mod_python, mod_scgi, mod_fcgi, and mod_sgi. I'm willing to help the buyer setup their server if needed. The site uses very little resources. It's nearly all cached in memcache right now and requires virtually no cpu power outside of the actual Apache processes. The site is currently hosted on one of our dedicated servers that also hosts a few other sites; like I said - it's not very resource intensive at all. The site is currently setup so that you can host images on another server, but it's not necessary.

Payment: I can take many different forms of payments, please pm to discuss them if you're a serious buyer.

Disclaimer: please note, most of the sites images, graphics, and layouts have been user uploaded and are not claimed to be owned by pimpmaspace.com. The images are hosted at media.pimpmaspace.com, but are not our property, nor do they claim to be. I also reserve the right to pull this post any time due to the site being available for sale on other sites and offered to private parties. I also reserve the right to deny the sale to anyone whom I feel is not fit to run the site. I also the reserve the right to not to sell even if the bin price is met - due to higher offers being possibly given at other sites and via private inquiries.
Revenue Details:

The site currently makes around $35-40 per day with Adsense and Valueclick. We have not experimented with any other forms of motenization lately. The only other form of motenization the site has ever had was YPN; which did over mid 4 figures per day back in the fall of 2006. I also did a fair bit of link selling on the site in early 2007 when I had the time too, I haven't done that in a good while, but it was fairly profitable on a weekly basis (prob a good $500 extra per week).
Traffic Details:

Traffic is all organic at moment with 98% coming from Google then Yahoo/MSN. A few link exchanges are also done with a few popular sites that drive targeted traffic.