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    Hosting a wiki farm?

    Hi, all; first-time post, here:

    We have a smallish website-design business. Most of the sites are built using the flat-file-based, PmWiki-brand, php software, which we skin to look like "normal" websites, but have the ease of editing that wiki technology provides.

    Right now we have a shared hosting account with unlimited domains, and have to manage all the controls for all the clients' sites ourselves, because there's just one control panel for the whole account, BUT we also have to have a full installation of the PmWiki software for each site we set up, because the security setup won't allow multiple domains to use a shared set of scripts.

    We would like to host a wiki farm using PmWiki on a reseller-style account. For this to work our way, we want to make a directory structure that looks something like this:


    |-- pmwiki.conf (some files not accessible from the web)
    |-- pmwiki_base/
    | |-- pmwiki.php (pmwiki.php used by the farm)
    | |-- wiki.d/ (base wiki's page storage)
    | |-- local/ (base wiki's local configuration)

    | | |-- farmconfig.php (config for all the Farm Fields)

    | |-- cookbook/ (wiki's recipes)
    | |-- uploads/ (Farm page attachments)
    | |-- pub/ (Farm&Fields publicly-accessible files)

    |-- field01 /
    | |-- field.php (wrapper script for the Field)
    | |-- wiki.d/ (Field page storage)
    | |-- local/ (Field local configuration)
    | | |-- config.php (config for the Field)
    | |-- uploads/ (wiki's page attachments)
    | |-- [pub/cookbook] (only if needed for this Field)
    |-- field02 /...
    |-- field03 /...
    |-- field04 /...
    |-- field99 /...

    In this model, the subdirs field01-field99 are actually our customer domain sites. We would like each of these sites to have its own CPanel or HSphere controls so they can manage their email/etc., but we manage much of the actual sites centrally, in the pmwiki_base directory as above. This way, we can upgrade our client's site functionality without duplicating the code across each domain.

    Does this make sense?

    Can we do it with a reseller plan, and gain the benefit of all those exciting billing/management features?

    Would this have to be both reseller and VPS, in order for us to safely have those few php scripts shared by all the different sites?

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    This topic should be in "Technical & Security Issues" forum.

    The directory structure is not cpanel server.

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    I would suggest you to have a VPS designed for your software. I think that will be the best decision for your customers first of all. - a true hosting company offering online presence solutions since 1998.
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