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    Question Please review our Web Site

    Need comments on ease of usability, navigation, etc...

    Thank you,


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    One of the clearest hosting websites i've seen.
    They know what your targets are, what spec your servers are, what OS they run etc.. all from just the first page.

    It's very clean cut which I like.

    The only thing I would critiscise is that the web-page seems to end rather abruptly, maybe fade the top and bottom bars into the white background? or add a thick line to the side and add a background image (faded or otherwise) repetitive at least..

    My 2p

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    Hi Wizz!
    I like your design. Loved the "Hosting Selection Wizard." Very cool.

    The main things that caught my eye were that:

    1. Your fonts changed from page to page. I'd go with a standard, web friendly font throughout. It doesn't look bad, mind you, just flows better when things are a little more uniform.

    2. The image on your main page almost seems too bold. It did grab my attention, which is what I'm sure you intended, but it's hard to read the words that are included in that image. Maybe fading the image out a little and losing the colored borders around those words would give it a better overall appearance.

    Nice work. Good luck to you!

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    in addition to what they have said... i think u could use a better logo.... i don't know y but u rs just doens't go well with me....also i would move the first row of stuffs....we use xeon processors ect... to the bottom right on top of u r bottom nav... i think that would look alot would show off u r plans more... right now that the first thing people sees....its kinda distracting to the eye ...

    other then that it looks find a standard for all your pages tho

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    * Thanks for all the input.

    We appreciate all the input and we will make sure to take your advise into consideration as we move forward with the design.

    Good Luck to everyone.

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