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    Web Sales and Promotions 10-20% Commission

    We've been in business for a while but really would like to do a better job at promoting our business on line. We're looking for someone to do some online promotion, sales etc. If you have experience in this area contact me. We'll pay 10-20% commission on everything you sell.

    Over 18
    Excellent knowledge of the web hosting industry Linux & Windows
    Excellent knowledge of web marketing
    Working knowledge of the Ensim platform would be good

    e-mail: [email protected]
    One of Them - [email protected]
    Toll Free US and Canada: 1-866-323-THEY x223
    International/Local: 1-416-323-THEY x223
    Fax: 1-416-323-9978

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    Goodjob on the site. Needs a little work, but still looks nice!! Good job. Hope you find who you need. I tried to find the same person for my company and i never did. And i was even offering 40-75% !!

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