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    * MakoSolutions ^^ Christmas '07 Sale ^^ Servers $34.95+ ^^ Managed Dual Xeon $69.95

    Have a question? Our sales department will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Your dedicated server will be managed by our technical support team, in addition to BurstNET. This gives you a double layer of support. Don't be worried about your server, have us manage it!

    What's New?
    -- Christmas '07 Sale
    -- New website design
    -- High Usage (10/20/50/100Mbps) servers
    -- Backup/Storage Solutions
    -- New Dual Core, Dual CPU, and Quad CPU servers

    Sales Contact
    Email: [email protected]

    Datacenter: BurstNET (Scranton, PA, USA)
    Bandwidth: Global Crossing, PCCW/BTN, Cogent, & Yipes/Level3/Wiltel
    Restrictions: No Irc/Adult/Warez Content
    Payment: Credit Card & PayPal
    Managed Policy:
    Datacenter Gallery:

    FREE Extras (on request)
    Software Firewall Installation
    Intrusion Detection System
    Nameserver configuration
    ChkRootkit Installation
    MRTG Installation
    PHP/MySQL Acceleration/Optimization
    Apache Optimization
    Fantastico Script Installer
    Process Resource Monitor
    System Integrity Monitor
    Port Scan Detector
    Brute Force Detector
    And Much More!*

    *Please contact our Sales Department for more details.

    Choice of Control Panel Software
    DirectAdmin ($9.95)
    cPanel ($19.95)
    Plesk 30 Domains ($14.95)
    Plesk 100 Domains ($19.95)
    Plesk Unlimited Domains ($29.95)

    Choice of Operating System
    RedHat Linux (FREE)
    FreeBSD (FREE)
    Fedora Linux (FREE)
    RedHat Linux Enterprise ($34.95)
    Windows 2003 Web Edition ($14.95)
    Windows 2003 Standard Edition ($24.95)
    Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition ($34.95)
    CentOS Linux (FREE)
    Custom/Other (Unsupported)
    **Please note in the order comments section whether you would like to have x86/x64 version installed.

    Managed Dedicated Servers
    DUAL XEON 2.8GHZ w/HT 1GB 250GB SATA 2000GB/MONTH 5 FREE $79.95
    DUAL XEON 2.0GHZ w/HT 1GB (2)80GB IDE 2000GB/MONTH 5 FREE $69.95
    PENTIUM-4 2.4GHZ w/HT 512MB 80GB IDE 2000GB/MONTH 5 FREE $49.95
    P4 CELERON 2.4GHZ 512MB 60GB IDE 2000GB/MONTH 5 FREE $39.95
    PENTIUM-4 1.5GHZ 512MB 40GB IDE 2000GB/MONTH 5 FREE $34.95

    Click here to order

    * Upgrade to 10Mbps unmetered for $10 monthly!
    * AVAILABILITY - Sale valid for NEW CLIENTS or SERVERS ONLY. Existing service non-transferable.
    * 10MBPS UNMETERED DETAILS - Each 10MBPS UNMETERED server is connected to a Full-Duplex 10MBPS switch port,
    which is connected to a bandwidth pool shared by all 10MBPS UNMETERED clientele.
    10MBPS UNMETERED servers on average can transfer between 2000GB-3000GB per month in both outbound and inbound directions.
    The 10MBPS bandwidth allocation is not guaranteed/dedicated, and is supplied on a "best-effort" basis---which may result
    in some slowdowns during peak traffic times. NO OVERAGE FEES REGARDLESS OF USAGE.

    ADDITIONAL HARDWARE Setup Fee Monthly Fee Requirements / Notes
    512MB DDR/SDRAM FREE $10.00
    1GB DDR/SDRAM FREE $15.00
    80GB IDE/SATA Hard Drive FREE $5.00
    160GB IDE/SATA Hard Drive FREE $10.00
    250GB IDE/SATA Hard Drive FREE $15.00
    500GB IDE/SATA Hard Drive FREE $20.00
    RAID 0/1/5 (HARDWARE-BASED) FREE $10.00 Per Drive + Requires Drive(s)

    ADDITIONAL FEATURES Setup Fee Monthly Fee Requirements / Notes
    Remote Reboot Port FREE $5.00 Pass Protected Web Interface
    Private LAN FREE $5.00 Private Internal Network
    (10) IP Address Block FREE $5.00 (10 IP Addresses)
    Class C IP Block (254) FREE $100.00 (254 IP Addresses)
    Firewall Security Service FREE $49.95
    Fully Managed Service FREE $49.95

    Click here to order

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    fantastico is free?
    In you billing panel: fantastico deluxe>>$2.95

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    Quote Originally Posted by MBH_NET View Post
    fantastico is free?
    In you billing panel: fantastico deluxe>>$2.95
    Let our billing department know that you followed the link from WHT and they'll go ahead and remove the $2.95 charge for Fantastico.

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