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    1and1 and Subdomain DNS


    Name server Other name server:

    I own and I wanted to host my forums offserver, I have a theplanet dedicated, so I applied at free hosting somewhere.

    I've gotten this e-mail from my free webhost:

    | New Account Info |
    | Domain:
    | Ip: (n)
    | HasCgi: y
    | UserName: #######
    | PassWord: #######
    | CpanelMod: x3
    | HomeRoot: /home
    | Quota: 500 Meg
    | NameServer1:
    | NameServer2:
    | NameServer3:
    | NameServer4:
    | Contact Email: [email protected]
    | Package: z03dkr_SD1

    I've changed the DNS on 1and1 control panel for the subdomain, will this work then? nameservers is theplanet, and the subdomain goes to this freewebhost? -- Discover the latest Electronic Dance Music

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    Yeah you can safely delegate sub domains to other nameservers, but they will of course have to do the proper A-Records for and so forth.

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    Technically it should work, but it all depends on what goes on behind the scenes and whether or not its a delegate subdomain. You should contact 1&1 to ensure it will work the way you want it.
    Dustin H., MCSA
    Enterhost Support Team

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    What should I ask my freewebhost then, "Did you properly update the A-Records for "? -- Discover the latest Electronic Dance Music

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    Ask them if they added a zone for '' with proper A and NS records.

    But another thing you can do is to just make an A-Record for to (while hosting dns on theplanet still)
    This way you won't delegate the domain to them, and seeing as they probably have a script to add a vhost in their webserver for this domain it should work.

    But it should be said some features in the free hosting might not work.
    Like you'll have to add MX records if oyu want [email protected] for instance.

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