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    Computer won't detect video card..

    Okay.. so here I was browsing the internet, listening to music, and pounding on my desk. Then suddenly my monitor turns all green. I assumed the computer was frozen since nothing was responding. I then turned off my computer, but when I went to turn it on gives me a blank screen and my monitor tells me it can't find any signal from my video card. So I switch from my DVI-I cables to VGA and use my onboard video card. The problem is my computer isn't even detecting my PCIe video card (8600 gts from MSI) anymore. Inside the computer the fan is running on the card. I don't think its a PSU problem because it has been running fine for almost 5-6 months now, and I have a 500W PSU. I haven't changed any part of my computer. Also, when I have the DVI-I plugged in and have the blank screen, I can still hear the chime that Vista makes when it goes to the login screen, so the computer is still loading, but just won't detect my video card. Anyone know whats wrong?

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    Sounds like your video card. Borrow a friends video card and plug it in. Make sure to try all your options.

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    I had a similar issue a couple days ago. It was the video card for me, turned out the card was over heating causing some issues with it not being detected. Helps I had an extra old one laying around, but I'm sure you can borrow one to test it.
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    Your video card most likely burnt out. There might have a been a power surge through your PSU. You might be able to get a replacement card from MSI and tell them that "it just quit working" via an RMA.

    Out of curiosity, do you have your computer hooked up to a surge protector or UPS? If not, I suggest at least a surge protector be used in the future.
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    The driver might be missing / corrupt. See if you still have the driver disk that came with your computer.

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    check the temparature

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    I might be wrong, but probably it's not the temperature issue. Card wasn't stressed out judging by your description. The simplest solution is to check the card in another pc. Then you will know what is faulty, video card or mainboard.
    There were some problems with tv-outs in the Palit 8600gt cards, as I remember, don't know about 8600gts.

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    You said you where banging on the desk... did the card just come unseated? Try removing and placing the card back in the slot.

    If that is not it the card may have failed.
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