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    Customer Service 10/10
    Customer Service responsiveness 10/10
    Start-up and start-up problems 10/10
    VPS Management 10/10
    Speed/Uptime N/A

    New registered user on WHT. Been using this forum for much time and have appreciated all of the honest reviews. I have finally come across my host and finally registered here on WHT. has been amazing in helping me setup and get everything organized. I currently have 3 shared hosting providers and figured it is time for an upgrade to a VPS. I can not say more about this host. This is my first time with a VPS.

    Joseph is an amazing person (the CEO). He has responded to every question that I have had. I have not had to go through level 1 to level 2 to level 3 support and wait hours for a response. He is on AIM all the time to ask questions to. I swear this guy never sleeps although he says he does. I know my questions may have been a bunch of newbie questions but no disrespect was ever given, only respect. I have used the ticketing system that they provide too and have not seen more than a 17 minute response time.

    Server uptime, I can not say much about since I have just signed up. As I said I am in the process of moving from three shared hosting acccounts to one VPS account and I am sure this will be a smooth move with Joseph leading the creativeVPS team.

    For VPS Management, they know this like they know the back of their hand. If their is a problem, they know what to do to immediately resolve it (at least in my cases they have). If you do not understand something, do not hesitate to ask. They are always there to assist you with whatever may come in your way.

    For speed I cannot comment yet as I am still transferring files and everything from my shared servers. I just feel it is not right to ask Joseph to do this since he has been as much help as he has already but I believe they will do this for you if necessary.

    I hope this helps with any questions that people may have about creativeVPS. I will update the community on the issues that I have not been able to comment on when I am able to. Thanks for much help when choosing a host. Appreciate the help.

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    great to hear this review. I might put creativevps on my next list
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    Thank you! You guys would receive nothing but the best. Have a wonderful holiday

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    WOW Good review

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    How long have you been with creativevps?

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    I have been with creativevps since December 23rd and I plan on posting an update in about a month.

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    Nice review.

    Which plan are you on?

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    Sorry, a little late on the update. Been extremely busy. Everything has been amazing with CreativeVPS. A perfect 10/10 for everything. Joseph hasn't been on im as much but this is understandable as the company is growing and I wish him the best of luck. Daniel on tech support has also been amazingly helpful. Ticket responses usually always come in under 15 minutes. I am going to be staying with them for a long time. Sorry this is so brief but I gotta go.
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