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    Help with server specifications


    not sure if this is the correct place to post this. I need help to determine the server specifications to cater to the following:

    1. Corporate site:
    The corporate site is just informational, serving information to parents, current students and propestive students. The Information simply comprises of pages, educational podcasts and educational vodcasts. However, the podcast or vodcast is not confirmed as of yet and even if used, it would be small files. We would not want to slow down the site access.

    2. Staff site:
    This site is just meant to serve information and documents for the staffs (about 80). This may require concurrent logins from multiple users in a single day.

    3. Student site:
    This site is just meant to serve information, files such as powerpoints, pdfs and stream educational podcasts (very minimal). It is also meant for them to store information (not files). Thus this site would face many concurrent logins. If there may be a class lesson, there may be up to 40 - 80 concurrent logins. The typical class lesson would comprise of reading information, downloading files, storing information into thier journals (no files). This site is expected to have many concurrent logins as mentioned before.

    I do hope this information is sufficient. I'm planning to engage a web host for this. And would prefer to have this in a single server itself. Please help. Thanks

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    You will need a single chip server with 1 Gb RAM , running linux or windows , depending on your application
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